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Renee MacKenzie

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Rori Review
I actually wanted to give it 4.5 stars, but that was not an option...

Flight By Renee Mackenzie

It's 1983 and Kate Hunter is a student at a small, private college in Virginia. When Lana coaxes her onto the back of her beat-up scooter one night, Kate's education starts to encompass more than just her pre-vet studies.

Kate has always done as expected of her, so when she starts staying away from home on weekends to spend time with her new lover it's way out of character for her.
Lana is secretive, but Kate accepts things as they are and gives Lana her space. When she feels the sting of betrayal, will she be able to continue giving Lana her privacy?

Kate's sister April is a high school student playing with fire as she parties with her older boyfriend, Boyd. After finding someone overdosed the morning after a big party, April grows weary of all the drugs and alcohol. Will she be able to convince Boyd that they should slow down? Will she be able to pull it together before it's too late?

Kate and April are forced to face up to events from their younger years, their mother's desertion, and their long-deteriorating relationship with one another. Some lives will be lost and others changed forever when the sisters' lives intersect.

Will they be consumed by the wreckage, or will they be able to pick themselves up and take flight?

I was looking forward to the re-release of Renee Mackenzie’s Flight because I thoroughly enjoyed Nesting. I was not disappointed. Ms. Mackenzie is a masterful storyteller. She has the ability to slowly leak out bits and pieces to her story to keep you interested as she develops her characters. Like a wonderful cheesecake, bite by delicious bite you get to enjoy the story as it evolves.

The story is set in 1983 creating a delightful nostalgia. For me personally, I could relate to everything and it took me back in time. I can’t say that everything about 1983 was great, but it was certainly fun to revisit.

Ms. Mackenzie creates three-dimensional characters that are both complicated and flawed. They aren’t the cookie cutter perfect people I have nothing in common with. Their flaws make them more realistic and easy to root for. Granted I rooted for some more than others. Renee spiced up the story with some pretty hot scenes that helped move the characters and story along.
The end was satisfying to me because I look for an ending that fits with the story and doesn’t leave me hanging.

Since the book is told basically through the eyes of the two main characters who are sisters, Kate and April, I would love to see a follow-up book with the third main character , Lana, featured so readers can understand her better. I personally found her a very interesting character and would really like to know her better.

Overall, this was a good solid book that flowed nicely through to the conclusion. Obviously the nice little love story imbedded within was a big plus for me.


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