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Wolf at the Door
Erin O'Reilly
Book 6 in WHMH series


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Samantha Holt
I have read all these books except the last one. I thoroughly enjoyed them up until book 5. The characters were good and likable, the story lines excellent and I was eager to read the next one.
However, at book 5 the story seemed to take a different direction with sex being a big part of the story. Now I don't mind sex In a book at all but it seemed to take over. I ignored it as the series had been good up til then and I read book 6 - the wolf at the door. This convinced me not to read any more. Gone was the love story that was Amelia and Olivia and replaced by power/control sex story.
Whether this is the influence of Erin O'Reilly I don't know but it is a shame that the series took a different route.


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