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Erin O'Reilly
Erin O'Reilly
Erin O'Reilly resides in the Texas Hill Country on Lake LBJ. When not enjoying the lake she owns and runs a computer consulting business. A life long bird watcher, Erin also likes to cook, sew, read, and do various crafts in her spare time. Erin belongs to the Sapphic Readers which is a lesbian book club in Austin, Texas.

JM Dragon
JM Dragon
JM Dragon A New Zealand citizen, living in the beautiful Canterbury countryside. JM Dragon loves to garden, travel, write, take care of her animals, family, and pursue her business interests-Affinity Ebook Press. A keen reader of sci-fi , crime/mystery, classic and romance, which helps to feed the imagination for her own stories. Currently published by Affinity Ebook Press NZ Ltd, her books include, Fix It Girl, In Name Only, The Destiny Series, Circus, and her newest novel to-date The One.

Quest for Love
Erin O'Reilly & JM Dragon

( 2nd Edition )


In the world of thoroughbred racing, Kate Lawrence is a brilliant business woman. She is in the?market to add the Wagoner horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky to her collection of stables.


Lena Corkhill is a noted horse trainer and member of the Wagoner staff. When Kate purchases the Wagoner horse farm, Lena must decide if she is going to accept the offer of moving to Florida and becoming one of Kate's trainers, or try and find other employment in Kentucky.


The two women are attracted to each other, but for different reasons, each are afraid to make the first move. When a person from Lena?s past appears, her presence threatens their budding relationship.


Their quest for love starts as a slow trot, gently beating in two hearts, before it gallops headlong into a full blow race, where love is the grand prize.


Can Kate and Lena find the love they are looking for, or will Lena's past cause an abrupt end to what could have been the finish of a lifetime.


Read Chapter 1 here.



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Published: 2012

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