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Sam Hicks
Sam Hicks
I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s degree in Art and Huminites and when I am not writing or studying, I can be found with a pencil in my hand drawing pictures of wildlife, pets, and plenty of monkeys (I love monkeys!). I have quite a few tattoos, and love getting out on my road bike or playing golf, weather permitting. I am currently single, and have fallen in love many times with the characters I read in books by so many terrific authors. It is these stories that have inspired me to write down my own characters that have taken up residence in my head, clamouring to have their own love story told. My biggest fears are heights and horses and I plan to one day conquer them both. I have a passion for reading, preferring it to almost anything, and hope to one day settle down by the beach.

Before the Light
Samantha Hicks


One year after, her long-time partner Meredith’s abduction, and their subsequent break-up, Kathleen Bowden-Scott’s life is spiralling out of control. Her guilt over pushing Meredith away has her losing focus at work, causing her employer to recommend a sabbatical to sort her life out.


Meredith suggests volunteering to help others might allow Kathleen to move on and build a new life. At the local women’s centre she meets Bethany Jones and despite an instant attraction Kathleen shies away. Beth has her own reasons for avoiding a relationship. An ex out for revenge.


While each one thinks they have put aside their attraction, inside a slow burn ignites. Forced to put their feelings on hold when Beth’s problems escalate and life takes a dangerous turn.


In this fast-paced, romantic suspense, lies are exposed and hearts unite as Kathleen and Beth fight for their future.


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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2020
First Edition

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