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C. S. Joseph
C. S. Joseph
C.S. Joseph is an Arizona native. She splits her time between her career in Supply Chain Management and raising her two boys. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and finding new adventures to embark upon with her friends and family.

Kathleen Greyson
Kathleen Greyson
Kathleen Greyson was raised in Northwestern Ohio but has lived in New York, California, and currently Arizona. As a professional architect, she uses her creative side to design and build buildings. She enjoys writing, cooking and spending time with her daughter, friends, and family.

The Hidden Room
C. S. Joseph & Kathleen Greyson


Clara Bogard reluctantly married architect Arthur Dumas in the early 20th century, after her father passed away. As a gift to his new bride, Arthur designed and built a Victorian mansion for their new home. Seeming philanthropic to others, Arthur had a black evilness in him. As Clara dealt with the escalating violence in her marriage, she finds comfort and affection in the arms of her friend Emma.


A century later, in a last-ditch effort to save her failing marriage, novelist Reese Iverson agrees to move her family to a dilapidated Victorian home. During the renovations, a hidden room with over a dozen handwritten journals is discovered. As Reese reads the journals, she becomes immersed with Clara’s struggles with life and love. It soon becomes evident that Clara overcame and endured sinister horrors.


After falling in love with her best friend Julia, Reese finds romantic parallels between herself and Clara. As she learns more of the woman’s fate, she uncovers the strength in herself to take control of her own life and hopes it isn’t too late for her happy ever after.


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Published: 2019
First Edition

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