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The Promise
JM Dragon

An accidental meeting with Melissa Grant, leads to an unexpected offer for Kris Lake, who just lost her job. Refurbishing a beach cottage, with the help of Melissa’s granddaughter.


Claire Tremont is at a crossroads after a near-death accident changed her life. Once a socialite always on the go, she now resorts to hiding from life and more importantly her fiancé Racheal. When her grandmother insists she make good on a promise to help renovate the old cottage at Seasons, she reluctantly agrees.


When Kris and Claire meet, their friendship is as tentative as the restoration project.  As the cottage grows more beautiful with the changes being made, so does their relationship.


Along the way, you will meet a delightful housekeeper, a womanizer, an ex-fiancé, Buddy the bird, and a beautiful local girl. Emotions run the full gamut, from smooth sailing to choppy waters ahead.


Do outer imperfections prevent them from reaching the beauty that lives inside and the chance of a happy new life? 


Find out in this lovely romance that will fill you with heart-warming sensations throughout the story. 


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  • New  75,410 words in., 234 pp.


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First Edition
First Published: 2016

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