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S. Anne Gardner - With a vast array of varied life experiences S. Anne has a wide array of story ideas that she often weaves into riviting storylines that takes the reader on some unexpected rides. She has lived all over the world and is now permanently living on the East Coast of the Unit ed States although she does still like to travel.She has a love that fills her heart and children who fill her life. She enjoys sailing, horseback riding, art, traveling, reading, and writing. Her family, her friends, and her music fill her life in a world that is her own.

In The Silence of the Unspoken
S. Anne Gardner

( 1st Edition )



Back of the Book

Poetry is a personal journey. I found myself returning to places and people in my life that live inside me and will never truly leave me. Words have incredible power and poetry is bare and raw. In poetry, we have the freedom of no rules, no bars, and no place to hide. Our heart is free to soar and die. It is in poetry that we are truly ourselves and perhaps, who we were or want to be. This work is very close to my heart, all these words in this book have touched me, in them, I have felt passion beyond the realm of reason, loved with my whole heart, cried for what I have lost and still love, hurt more than I thought I could bear and experienced the living death of existence. In this book is my soul, heart and dreams. Some poems are fanciful and totally built on illusion, while others have filled me with more than I can ever express. May the words touch you, inspire you, and fill you to truly live.


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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2010
First Edition
First Published: 2010

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