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The One
JM Dragon

The One is a timeless love story set in China during the 1930’s.


Rosa Moran is a woman with a mission. Born in China but educated in Britain, she has come back home to China to work as a missionary helping the many orphans who need help there.


Philomena Casters is the pilot sent to bring Rosa a letter that encourages her to return to England when a family member falls ill. When Rosa refuses, Phil is intrigued and some months later, she flies back to the mission, to save a set of twins from a corrupt Chinese official. Phil and Rosa find their lives intertwined in an effort to transport a handful of children to safety leading them to the surreal private paradise of Langshow.


Even though caught up in the maelstrom of War, the two forge an unbreakable bond built on a platform of duty and a belief in a common good.


The One is a delightful, gender-bending romance with everything—love, intrigue, misunderstandings, and two women whose faith and trust allow them to overcome all obstacles thrown at them.


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  • New  74,270 words in., 299 pp.


Published: 2015
First Edition

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