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S. Anne Gardner - With a vast array of varied life experiences S. Anne has a wide array of story ideas that she often weaves into riviting storylines that takes the reader on some unexpected rides. She has lived all over the world and is now permanently living on the East Coast of the Unit ed States although she does still like to travel.She has a love that fills her heart and children who fill her life. She enjoys sailing, horseback riding, art, traveling, reading, and writing. Her family, her friends, and her music fill her life in a world that is her own.

Cold and Lonely, Lovely Work of Art
S. Anne Gardner


Two worlds clash one day and neither will ever be quite the same again. Barbara comes from a world of safety but filled with lies. Taya comes from a world of darkness and violence.

From the bowels of an underworld filled with the drug of choice, the white, and the trade of human flesh comes ‘Black Angel.’ She is the personification of death in the pens and all tremble with the mere mention of her name. 

Barbara’s world is spinning off its axis with the deception of a life filled with lies and the uncertainty of all that she has known.  One afternoon she crosses into a foreign domain and her world is never the same again.

Two completely different women from utterly different worlds clash and the fusion is explosive.

Passion, sex, violence, vice, beauty, love…

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  • New  48,780 words in., 199 pp.
  • Subject:Romance


Condition: New eBook, New content added
Published: 2014

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