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Bayou Justice by Ali Spooner
Book II in the Sasha series

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 


In this sequel to Sugarland we see Sasha Thibodaux embarking on a life with new lover Kara Stewart, an attorney with the District Attorney’s office.


Everything backfires when Kara is taken hostage by the suspects in the biggest case of her career. Her eventual release sparks a backlash neither woman expected. 


Appalled, by the failure of the criminal justice system, Sasha exacts her own brand of justice for the acts committed against her lover. 


From the Bayou’s of Louisiana to the jungles of South America, Sasha plots her revenge.


This is more than a love story, more than a vampire feast…from hot sex to suspense, this book is one helter-skelter of an adventure.   


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  • New  87,123 words in., 273 pp.

$3.99  $2.99
Save: 25% off

Condition: New eBook
Published: 2014

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