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S. Anne Gardner - With a vast array of varied life experiences S. Anne has a wide array of story ideas that she often weaves into riviting storylines that takes the reader on some unexpected rides. She has lived all over the world and is now permanently living on the East Coast of the Unit ed States although she does still like to travel.She has a love that fills her heart and children who fill her life. She enjoys sailing, horseback riding, art, traveling, reading, and writing. Her family, her friends, and her music fill her life in a world that is her own.

S. Anne Gardner


Games of the rich and famous, love, lust, and forbidden passions weave this tale that play out through decades and the world. The close ties the Alcalas have to the royal house of Spain provide them with an unspoken untouchable policy. Their passions and their secrets are about to come to light with a force that cannot be stopped.  In this whirlwind is Cristina Uraca Alacala who is searching for a truth that has been denied to her most of her life and she must find.  She is not unlike her family; Cristina does not stop until she gets what she wants.  In the fog lies the truth that she must travel through to find.

In this tale wealthy socialite Annais Francesca D’Autremond is a pivotal person of interest in Cristina’s search for the truth. When these two women meet they find themselves drawn together by something greater than themselves. As the truth of a hidden past becomes clearer their passions grow beyond the realm of the no return instead of a status quo. Both tied together by destiny; will both survive the onslaught of past and present passions?

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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2014
First Edition

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