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Erin O'Reilly
Book 7 in WHMH series

How can a person take back a life that is not theirs and make it work. Until Remington Wolf met Parker Davis, she knew no other life than that of a highly placed operative for a clandestine government agency—Department of Covert Operations. Once Parker came on the scene, the Wolf began spiraling into a life that knew no boundaries. That brought her to a point where it became necessary to choose which life she wanted.


Just as a sandcastle can withstand only the initial onslaught of relentless waves, the Wolf finds she is constantly reinventing her life in a desperate attempt to reclaim what is hers. Her only problem, Parker, who is trying to reinvent herself, is in the way. 


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  • New  36,028 pages in., 138 pp.


Condition: New eBook, On web in 2007. New content added
Published: 2014

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