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Alane Hotchkin
Alane Hotchkin
Alane Hotchkin; If anyone knows where the birthplace of oil is in North America you will know exactly where I am talking about. I was born in Oil City, PA and later lived in Pittsburgh. You say do not know where Oil City is. Well imagine a tiny town population “two” directly between Pittsburgh & Erie, PA. I grew up with family always around (mostly male) and all with wicked senses of humor. My one cousin one day decided to see if his father’s (my uncle) car would float in the retention pond.

The Ball
Alane Hotchkin




Lillith Blackhawk


Welcome to the Blackhawk Chronicles. 


Within the pages of these books are people whose lives I’ve crossed. I’ve touched all their lives. Some thank me while others curse my name.


This first book in the series tells the story of the woman who gave me the light and how we met. She wanted only to be loved. Loved as much as I needed redemption. 


In the end, we all stand alone in judgment of our souls. Nikki makes me worthy.


This is how it all began. First was the call for help, then I fell into those eyes and I 


I would do anything for her.


To read Part 1, click here.


Condition: New eBook, 12251 words
Published: 2013
First Edition

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