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TJ Vertigo
TJ Vertigo
TJ Vertigo: TJ was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and is 47 years old. Fronted an all girl rock band, did my time in Corporate America, but found my dream job working in animal care for the last 13 years. I love my dogs like they came from my vagina. Love to travel. Cancer survivor. I'm a good thing in a small package. :)

Hidden Desires
TJ Vertigo


After a string of disastrous blind dates, Cayden Riley has sworn off of women. A somewhat cranky woman to begin with, she really doesn't like people much, but loves working at her pet boutique, "The Fuzzy Belly Deli."  


Brooke Hewitt thought she was happy in her relationship with her stockbroker boyfriend, until the day she and her dog, Fred, wander into "The Fuzzy Belly Deli." There, she meets Cayden, a woman that Brooke can't stop thinking about. Brooke has never questioned her sexuality, but there is something about Cayden and she just can't shake it free.


The encounter changes both Cayden and Brooke, disrupting both women's lives- in many ways.


  • New 444 pp.


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Condition: , Re-edited - 195,528 words
Published: 2013
First Published: 2007

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