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Define Destiny
JM Dragon
1st in series

( 4th Edition )

Catherine Warriorson was a woman without any hope. Immensely powerful when it came to the monetary things in life but emotionally she had committed her heart to the depths of despair. Forsaking everything she once knew, including her friends, she locked herself away virtually alone in a ranch called Destiny.


All she wanted was to be left alone with her own demons to live her life as a recluse. Jace Bardley was a young woman on the brink of a fruitful career with a film production company and the experiences of the world at her feet. When her latest project for her film company trespassed on an uncooperative and reclusive landowner's property in New Zealand. Little did she know that the experiences of the world good and bad were literally going to begin right there. Life never appeared so easy to manipulate until the scheming of old adversaries intervene. Taking the two women on a journey that would test their inner character strengths and the emotional ties that bound them. A road leading to the defining of their destines but would it allow them a life together.


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  • New 339 pp.


Condition: New eBook, New eBook
First Published: 2002

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