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Ali Spooner is a native of Florida, currently living and working in Memphis, TN. Home for Ali is Pensacola, Florida where she has a partner of twenty years, one son and a grandchild that has her wrapped completely around her little finger. Her other children are all four legged, three dogs and two cats, and my dearest companion in Memphis, Rascal, a rescued tiger kitten named after my favorite country group.

K.L. Gallagher
K.L. Gallagher
K.L. Gallagher was born and raised in her beloved state of California, where she continues to live with her wife of eight years, two dogs and parakeet. Never shy to express her point of view, it was no surprise K.L. chose a career in law where she has earned a reputation as a fierce attorney during her 14 plus years of practice. But K.L. is far from all work and no play. She has been playing hockey since she was a pre-teen despite growing up in the middle of the Southern California desert with nary a rink in sight. She has captained numerous co-ed and all female teams to championships and earned a spot on a women’s travel team where she met her wife on her way to scoring the regional championship goal to send her team to the national championship tournament. When not in the courtroom, on the ice, or working on her next project, you can find K.L. enjoying family time with her wife and two dogs, curling up with a book, hiking, exercising, cooking, baking, watching sports, traveling, and binging on Netflix and Hulu. K.L. has been a bookworm as far back as she can remember. She is drawn to strong, independent yet flawed characters with a good heart, even the anti-heroes that are hard to like at times. Her preferred genre is f/f romance and f/f general fiction, but one day she hopes to delve into the world of sapphic sci-fi to pay homage to her wife’s love of the genre. Until then, enjoy K.L.’s debut novel Hat Trick, co-written with Ali Spooner, which will be released by Affinity E-Books on October 1, 2021. You can reach K.L. on her Facebook page at and by email at

Hat Trick
Ali Spooner & K.L. Gallagher


Alexandra “Alex” Hawthorne is on the fast track to the top of one of the most formidable, white-collar, criminal defense law firms in New York. She can ill afford any distractions, especially those with dark-brown eyes, who can rock a power suit while coaching professional hockey players. Not now. Not when Alex is so close to making senior partner. Not after all she has sacrificed.

After a devastating end to her playing career, Janelle Leblanc channeled her passion into coaching and reached the pinnacle of success as the first female head coach in NHL history. Despite her accomplishments, she hears whispers that she was hired as nothing more than a publicity stunt. Janelle’s focus needs to remain on the ice if she is to prove them wrong, not on a certain curly haired attorney with the most arresting emerald-green eyes she has ever seen.

Once the spark is lit, their chemistry is impossible to ignore. Can Janelle break down Alex’s walls to give them a real chance? Or will Alex’s past heartache be too much for them to overcome?

Read Chapter 1 here.

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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2021
First Edition

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