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Out of This World
Annette Mori

With a name like Mable Butt, being picked on is the norm, so her job at the library was the perfect hideout. Mabel is so far in the closet, that even her best friend and secret crush, Sydney, can’t pull her out. Celeste, a beautiful, exotic stranger comes into the library, and changes everything. Mabel is defenseless against her charms.


To call Celeste a bit eccentric is an understatement, drawing the wrong kind of attention to her and Mable. Soon it is discovered that someone is trying to tracking her down, With Sydney’s help a game of cat and mouse begins to try and keep Celeste safe.


Sparks fly all around the three women as they join forces in this romantic comedy, which really is out of this world. 


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  • New  71,300 Words in., 200 pp.

$5.99  $3.00
Save: 50% off

Published: 2015
First Edition

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