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Lisa Ron
Lisa Ron
Lisa Ron, formally known as GabTBard around the ‘net, lives in northwest New Jersey with her wife, three sons, cats, dogs and grandogs. A solo librarian and adjunct faculty member at a small community college, Lisa is dedicated to helping people learn and, hopefully, to laugh along the way. She enjoys spending time with her family, sleeping, learning, TV, movies and, of course, books. This is her first book. 

Lisa Ron


Fox has been looking for that one person who will make her feel complete-her perfect match.

Together with her friends, Megan and Tree, Fox continues her quest while dodging exes and clingers, laughing a lot along the way.

When she meets Penny, she instantly knows that she finds HER.

Penny has her own problems-notably a domineering husband.

Can Fox win her heart? Can they make a life together?

This story will make you laugh, cry, and hold your breath as the story unfolds.

With the right person love can conquer all.

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  • New  95,999 in., 255 pp.

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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2014
First Published: 2014

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