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Ali Spooner is a native of Florida, currently living and working in Memphis, TN. Home for Ali is Pensacola, Florida where she has a partner of twenty years, one son and a grandchild that has her wrapped completely around her little finger. Her other children are all four legged, three dogs and two cats, and my dearest companion in Memphis, Rascal, a rescued tiger kitten named after my favorite country group.

Ali Spooner

( Strong Southern Women Book 4 )


Sandy, the youngest sibling of Gator Girlz, Inc., has worshipped her older sister Cam all her life and wanted nothing more than to be just like her hero.

Footprints provides readers with Sandy's story of growing up in the Bayous of Louisiana.

When the devastating floods of 2016 impact the Baton Rouge area, Cam and Sandy join the Cajun Navy to help rescue families trapped in the rampant floodwaters.

The story also revisits Sandy's victory over Bubba Gump and how Sandy's injuries started her down the path to find the love of her life. Food, adventures, and great family relationships fill the pages of Footprints.

Read Chapter 1 here.


Published: 2021
First Edition

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