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Line of Sight
Ali Spooner

Sasha and her lover Kara are back. This time on the trail of a killer in the city of New Orleans. They sense his presence as he prowls the French Quarter committing the murders, but fail to find him.


Abandoned by his domineering lover, a killer wreaks havoc on the city. His narcissistic behavior fuels his need to terminate his sexual partners, believing his consumption of their power will bring his beloved back to him.


When the killer sets his sights on young Milly, will Sasha’s psychic connection with her aid in Milly’s rescue, and perpetuate the capture of the killer?


Continue the thrilling adventures of this couple from the Sasha Thibodaux series.

To read Chapter 1, click here.

  • New  75,828 words in., 225 pp.

$7.99  $4.00
Save: 50% off

Condition: New eBook
Published: 2015
First Edition
First Published: 2015

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