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Dannie Marsden
Dannie Marsden
Dannie Marsden - Let me introduce myself, I am Dannie, a butch-identified writer. I am committed to a beautiful woman, have three wonderful children and one adorable granddaughter.I started writing about ten years ago and of course, my stories are centered on, what else...beautiful lesbian women.


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Dannie Marsden's book Desert Heat

I am waiting for the next book to come out! The story was a page turner and I also enjoyed the portrayal of a variety of lesbians and how we interact...


Wow! Such a good story.I enjoyed it so much.I think what got me the most was that I don`t think most people would give a second thought to what kind...

Desert Heat

I know Dannie and was excited to hear she had written a book. When I first started to read Desert Heat, I did so with a critical eye because it was...

Great People!

Just wanted to share with you that the owners of this site are awesome! Sign up for the newsletters and be sure to refer your friends and the...

Desert Heat

Our book club had the opportunity and privilege to meet and have a lively discussion of "Desert Heat" with Dannie Marsden...a great story with strong...

Desert Heat

( 1st Edition )


For Luce Diamond, an undercover policewoman, her life is in shambles. Her long time lover left her and an automobile accident that resulted in a child's death haunts her.


She has spent the last year proving herself to Donavon Vargas, a crime boss who demands loyalty and respect. Donavon hires Luce to be the bodyguard for his girlfriend, Beth. That causes Luce to walk a tightrope between attraction for Beth and her ability to perform her job for the police.


Beth Ryan, long time lover of Vargas, knows all his dirty secrets. She and Luce begin an affair that has far-reaching consequences for both of them when Joe Alverez, a man with a secret, becomes embroiled in the triangle.


Love and betrayal become a matter of everyday life. Will everything go up in smoke with the desert heat or can they survive with their lives and hearts intact?


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  • New 165 pages.


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Published: 2011
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First Published: 2011

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