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Fran Heckrotte
Fran Heckrotte
 Fran Heckrotte is the 2011 winner of the Alice B. Medal Award and lives in the Sunny South with her husband, two dogs, Sophie and Skipper, koi, several goldfish and a yard full of chickens, moles, and the occasional snake. A few of her life experiences include living in Alaska for three years, gold panning, bull riding, scuba diving, flying, training gaited horses, and motorcycling.

The Illusionist Series Book V
Fran Heckrotte


SAIRA WAS A TRAVELER. Even her name meant ‘traveler’. Her entire existence was dedicated to making the journey to seek answers to the questions that plagued her. Sometimes she felt as if she were a pawn in a game she didn’t understand but knew her destiny was hers to decide. She chose to let the uncertainty of time make the decisions for her. Unfortunately, her curiosity not only gets her into trouble but creates a series of events that affects not only the mortal world but the spirit world too. Yemaya, Dakota, Mari and Maopa will find their lives turned topsy-turvy and Saira will learn an emotion she had never experienced before...fear



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