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Fran Heckrotte
Fran Heckrotte
 Fran Heckrotte is the 2011 winner of the Alice B. Medal Award and lives in the Sunny South with her husband, two dogs, Sophie and Skipper, koi, several goldfish and a yard full of chickens, moles, and the occasional snake. A few of her life experiences include living in Alaska for three years, gold panning, bull riding, scuba diving, flying, training gaited horses, and motorcycling.

Fran Heckrotte


THE FIRST AWARENESS of existence was a chaotic flash of colors, meaningless and yet in an odd way logical. Why, she isn’t sure. Birth is the most significant event in life, and yet it is never memorable, at least not for the newborn. But then, she really isn’t a newborn, even though it is the first day of her life. She is 1A526, the first of her kind, an artificially intelligent blend of technology and bio-mechanics. Created to serve humans, Solaria and her AI programmer, Carley, soon discover the company funding the Hubot Project has more sinister motives. If Solaria is to fulfill the hopes of the woman who had given her existence meaning, she has to become the human her programmer dreamed of and take down Future Dynamicon, the company that created her.


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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2016
First Published: 2008

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