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Fran Heckrotte
Fran Heckrotte
 Fran Heckrotte is the 2011 winner of the Alice B. Medal Award and lives in the Sunny South with her husband, two dogs, Sophie and Skipper, koi, several goldfish and a yard full of chickens, moles, and the occasional snake. A few of her life experiences include living in Alaska for three years, gold panning, bull riding, scuba diving, flying, training gaited horses, and motorcycling.

Odyssey of the Butterfly




Visit distant worlds, spend intimate moments with an elderly lesbian couple, venture into a future when death becomes a living nightmare, and experience a reality where dying is a way of life. Five short stories with a common thread: the butterfly -- illusive, mysterious and perhaps even magical. Follow the odyssey. Enjoy the journey.


DAUGHTERS OF THE QUEEN--When the survival of all depends on the wisdom of one, making the wrong choice is devastating. A queen must first teach her daughters about life before sending them into a world where death is one mistake away.    


TOUCH OF THE BUTTERFLY--Lylia is one of Liera's best scientists, and the pride of Xplor. After losing contact with her on an evolving planet, the company sends out a rescue team. Desperate to find her lover, Ariana volunteers to lead the mission. What she discovers is not what she expected. Sometimes doing the wrong thing is the right choice. 


KISS OF THE BUTTERFLY--After passion fades, what then? Can love carry Jen and Suze through the day-to-day struggles of growing old? Life may not always be fair, but for this elderly lesbian couple it's still worth living, even when it seems impossibly hard.


TO KILL A BUTTERFLY--Arrogance! One man brings humanity to the brink of extinction. While zombie-like creatures roam free, people hide behind walls struggling to survive. In Sanctuary, food storages are low. There are only two possible solutions; one seems impossible, the other unthinkable. When a team of hunters is sent in search of a new home they discover life isn't defined by who you are, but what you are.


A TIME FOR CHANGE--Change is a part of life. No one knows this more than Shawna, a Healer whose ability to cure illnesses has altered many lives. What happens when a dying friend refuses her offer of help? Shawna must make the hardest decision of her life: do nothing knowing she has the power to change everything.  





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