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Colors of Rage
Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

Dr. Engalla Ruth manipulates people to do what she wants using sound waves. She has taken that knowledge and is in the process of gaining more control, starting with local elections and mass rioting.


Dr. Kailyn DeKenden, the leading authority on acoustic behavior is needed to complete her mission. Engalla plans to have Kailyn by her side, regardless of how it happens, by manipulation or seduction.


When Kailyn disappears, her wife, sister, and prize student will stop at nothing to find her. Can they figure out what is behind the chaos and stop it before Kailyn is completely drawn in by an enemy they are unaware of? Or will they be too late to bring back Kailyn to the people she loves?


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  • New  61,848 words in., 201 pp.


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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2018

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