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Angela Koenig
Angela Koenig
Angela Koenig was born in California, raised in Nebraska, and now resides in Illinois. She always wanted to write, and there’s an unfinished novel about an orphan puppy started when she was in fifth grade, but it wasn’t until a little Apple made instant editing possible that the dam broke. She is the author of Rebellion in Ulster and Rendezvous in the Himalaya.

Reach of the Heron
Angela Koenig


After an automobile accident takes the lives of her parents and nearly her own, Arkadia O’Malley faces a painful recovery. As she seeks custody of her younger sister, Rini, she must also contend with the obstruction of Irish law. Both Church and State oppose placing a minor child in the care of an unmarried woman.


At the same time in Elsewhere, an elder world, she is introduced to the ancient lore of a shaman. When Rini is moved from a harsh orphanage to one of the notoriously cruel Magdalene homes, Arkadia’s efforts to reunite with her sister are aided by powerful women from this reality as well as from Elsewhere.

Read Chapter 1 here.

  • New  74,910 words in., 210 pp.


Condition: New eBook
Published: 2018
First Edition

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