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Rebellion in Ulster-Refraction Series Book 1
Angela Koenig

Available for purchase on Kindle Unlimited only.


During a visit to relatives in Northern Ireland, Rhodes Scholar Jeri O’Donnell’s plans for a scholarly life are shattered by a tragedy that kills her beloved cousin, Fiona, and sends Jeri to Armagh Women’s Prison. In Armagh, IRA volunteer Jill Leary attempts to recruit the young American to Ulster’s fight for independence from Britain, while the mysterious Arkadia O’Malley seeks nothing less than Jeri’s soul.


When Jeri is released as precipitously as she was imprisoned, she chooses to embrace Ulster’s struggle as her own and joins the Provisional IRA. Jeri is sent out of Northern Ireland to be trained, first to the Irish Republic and then to Eastern Europe. Cool under pressure and fierce in action, she becomes the ideal urban soldier whether in Rotterdam, Belgrade, or Belfast.


Attracting women has never been difficult for the intense young woman from Southie, Boston’s Irish neighborhood, but Jeri’s remorse following Fiona’s death makes intimacy virtually impossible. Several women try to reach her, but the violence of her life only drives Jeri further from human comfort. Although she can never quit questioning the morality of her actions, Jeri has a taste for fighting that she once hoped to leave behind in the streets of Southie. Then a bomb explodes and the resulting carnage plunges Jeri into a despair that forces her to reconsider what choices, if any, are left to her.

  • New  64,639 words in., 175 pp.


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