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The Presence
Charlene Neil

Kayleigh Gibbs’s marriage falls apart, prompting her to flee with her daughter across the country for a new life. She opens her own veterinary practice, and eventually they move into an old, secluded farmhouse in Hoekwil.


At her best friend’s housewarming party Kayleigh meets the beautiful and enchanting Rebecca Steward. Rebecca is instantly drawn to Kayleigh but is still recovering from a breakup—her girlfriend left her for a man. Afraid of a repeat performance with Kayleigh, she refuses to acknowledge her growing feelings, preferring instead to develop a platonic friendship.


When inexplicable things start happening in the farmhouse, a terrified Kayleigh turns to Rebecca for reassurance. As the women try to unravel the mystery of the house, Kayleigh finds herself developing feelings for Rebecca. Despite her best intentions, Rebecca discovers she is falling in love with Kayleigh.


Will Rebecca and Kayleigh be able to not only figure out the strange happenings at the house but their own insecurities? Can the past tear them apart and keep reign over the house or will love conquer the presence?


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  • New  70,563 words in., 213 pp.


Published: 2015

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