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Alane Hotchkin
Alane Hotchkin
Alane Hotchkin; If anyone knows where the birthplace of oil is in North America you will know exactly where I am talking about. I was born in Oil City, PA and later lived in Pittsburgh. You say do not know where Oil City is. Well imagine a tiny town population “two” directly between Pittsburgh & Erie, PA. I grew up with family always around (mostly male) and all with wicked senses of humor. My one cousin one day decided to see if his father’s (my uncle) car would float in the retention pond.

Beginning of the End
Alane Hotchkin


Blackhawk Chronicles-Book 1


What happens when life doesn’t go exactly as you planned and you must protect others from your own fate?


Escaping a horrific childhood, Nikki longed to find happily ever after in adulthood. What she found was Hell. Or did it find her? Finding the courage to break the cycle of betrayal, she opens her heart one last time.


Alex lived a childhood others dreamed of. Her father never once denied the young rebel a thing. All her life she dreamed of protecting others; to follow in her father’s footsteps. Soon though she learned sex and fists made the most powerful of weapons. Alex controls the women in her life through fear and sex, will breaking the cycle be too much to overcome? Will loving Nikki be enough to change her, or is Alex beyond help?


Alex would give Nikki the world, but at what price? When a person’s tightly controlled reality snaps what then…?




This is the Beginning of the End for one of them and the ultimate sacrifice for the other. But who is who in this game of life?



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Condition: New eBook, 73,299 words
Published: 2013
First Edition

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