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Del Robertson
Del Robertson
 Del Robertson: Del Robertson: To those who know her best, Del is an unapologetic jokester. Her wicked sense of humor can be found throughout her numerous award-winning stories on the net. As a military brat, Del has lived all over the world and has been exposed to many different people and cultures. It is from these past travels that she draws the characters that populate her stories. Del currently resides in Texas.

My Fair Maiden
Del Robertson


Bodhi arrives at a so small, it’s barely on the map village with only three things in mind: getting out of the heat, having a decent meal, and a better drink. She’s managed one of the three at the local tavern before she’s approached by a gorgeous maiden. That, in itself isn’t so unusual. Women are attracted to her on a regular basis.

What’s odd is the behavior of the locals. Everyone is acting strangely, including the beautiful Gwen. It doesn’t take Bodhi long to figure out something is terribly wrong in this seemingly peaceful, isolated village. The question is…what? 

She’s a hero, a woman with a sword, and she knows how to use it. But, what’s a hero to do when no one will admit there’s anything amiss, much less ask for help, not even the maiden in distress…


What’s a virgin to do?

Gwendolyn is a proper, chaste maiden living in a small, remote village. Hers is a simple life, filled with back-breaking, mind-numbing chores. 

That is, until an ogre appears, demanding a virgin offering by the next full moon. It’s her bad luck that she’s just the tender, young morsel the villagers are willing to serve up on a platter.

She tries everything she can to escape her fate, but finds herself out of options and out of time, doomed to be an offering for an ogre.

Then, along comes a stranger. She’s tall, she’s blonde, and she‘s a professional swordswoman. She’s also stunning enough to make many a maiden swoon. Problem is, she’s not at all the hero Gwendolyn imagined. She’s cocky, brazen, and rude. She’s also Gwen’s last, best hope. 


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Condition: , 20,193 - A Novella
Published: 2013
First Edition

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