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The Chronicles of Ratha: Book 2 A Lion Among The Lambs

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It has been three years since Jordana Laren’s path first crossed the Noorthi’s - three years since she’s had a drink, had sex and a life of her own.

Her only excitement has been spent keeping up with her two year-old daughter, Rice, who is definitely a chip off the old block. All has been peaceful until one of the colonists becomes sick.

Bad news shifts to worse news when the disease spreads through their community. Unable to get proper medicine, Jordana is forced to rely on the Noorthi healers to come up with a cure. Soon the herbs run out, leaving her with no choice but to search for more on the Noorthi home planet.

What is supposed to be a simple pick-up flight turns into a nightmare.

Can Jordana believe in herself like her Noorthi sisters do? Only then can she fulfill her destiny as The Chosen One.

Follow the colorful cast of characters in this action-packed adventure sequel as they traverse the galaxy. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly when Jordana is involved.

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  • New  83,565 words in., 269 pp.


Condition: New eBook
Published: 2014

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