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JM Dragon
JM Dragon
JM Dragon A New Zealand citizen, living in the beautiful Canterbury countryside. JM Dragon loves to garden, travel, write, take care of her animals, family, and pursue her business interests-Affinity Ebook Press. A keen reader of sci-fi , crime/mystery, classic and romance, which helps to feed the imagination for her own stories. Currently published by Affinity Ebook Press NZ Ltd, her books include, Fix It Girl, In Name Only, The Destiny Series, Circus, and her newest novel to-date The One.

Haunting Shadows
JM Dragon
2nd Define Destiny Book


Author’s Note

Please take note that the contents of Define Destiny and the remaining sequels are true to the original storyline. I want to clearly point this out to any would be purchasers that this includes point of view (head hopping) errors and the occasional typo. If you want a rollercoaster of a journey into the lives of Catherine & Jace you begin here... 


In the late 1990’s, when fan-fic was coming into its own via the internet, I started writing the Define Destiny Series. Define Destiny was my first full-length novel for the internet in 1998. The response for the first book, Define Destiny, was so overwhelmingly positive that for the next twelve years I wrote six more stories. The stories in the series are as they appeared on the internet all those years ago. The book edit on Define Destiny was for the initial publication in 2002 and again for the second edition in 2006.


Back of the Book

The sequel to Define Destiny is a riveting tale of murder, kidnapping, jealousy, and pain.


Filled with memories of the past, there is a stormy emotional rollercoaster through the beautiful land of New Zealand.


When the ride is over and the storm clears, will Jace and Catherine, be able to see the same deep fulfilling love they found on their ranch, Destiny, or will the haunting shadows triumph? 


To read Chapter 1, Click here.


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  • New 307 pp.


Condition: New eBook, 3rd edition. First published by Dare to Dream-2003 Second edition-Intaglio 2004
First Published: 2003

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