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Carla Pavone
Carla Pavone
In the sixty-one years of my life as a single mother, I made many mistakes and had many successes. Judgement from others has been difficult. By being judged and hurt by others has changed how I feel about treatment toward others. I know who I am and not who others thinks I am. I would like to support children in knowing who they are and not what others think about them. Love support, acceptance, and forgiveness is a strength. Kindness is a belief and a way of life. I hope that my first children’ picture book helps even one child.

Henrietta The Hen: Henry the Rooster
Carla Pavone


Henrietta is a baby hen who loves to 'chirp, chirp, chirp' all day long. She is very proud of her cute little 'chirp' but one day she wakes up to find that her voice has changed. Gone is the adorable 'chirp, chirp', replaced with a sound that she doesn’t quite recognize. What has happened to Henrietta? What will others think of her, now that she has changed? Will she be accepted and loved as before?

This adorable story for young children also provides a powerful message of acceptance that each of us should learn.


Published: 2020
First Edition

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