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Laura Novack
Laura Novack
Growing up in a land with a vast culture, Laura was surrounded by magical creatures, hidden between the pages of books ever since she was a small child. But the lack of strong female leads created a necessity in her for a different world without the current social boundaries. Pen and paper helped and now Laura lives in her magical but complicated worlds where she is sometimes visited by her cat. When she acts like a normal human being, Laura works as promoter, organizing concerts and events. Her next goal is to start producing theater plays.

From Wind to Water
Laura Novack


The Seventh Kingdom is surrounded by the Lands of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. All but Earth have rulers. When a new enemy threatens all of the Lands, it is imperative to find the last ruler of Earth. Without this ruler, all factions could lose their lives and land to the dark evil that is threatening them.


Morgayne, ruler in Land of Water and Ventus, ruler of Land of Wind, form a tentative yet skeptical relationship. Each must rid themselves of their preconceived notions to make a working relationship—everything depends on them.


Their connection is deeper than either realizes and the uncertain link transforms into a close bond as they search for the last Land of Earth ruler. Will that tie survive the battles ahead? Will they allow or deny their feelings in this fantasy adventure that will have you urging them on to victory on all fronts.


Read Chapter 1 here.


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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2018
First Edition

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