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Renee MacKenzie
Renee MacKenzie
As a Navy brat, Renee lived on three continents before her family settled in Virginia. She currently resides in Southwest Florida with her partner, Pam, and their poodle, Sabrina. Renee works and plays in the swamp, where she enjoys wildlife photography and hiking. Even though Renee has been paid to do all sorts of jobs, ranging from dental assistant to bartender, data entry clerk to maintenance worker, and field sampler to pet-sitter, she insists she’s only had one job—writer—and all the rest has just been research.

Naomi's Soul
Karst Series Book 2
Renee MacKenzie


Warrior Naomi Adams is on a routine mission for the Peace Movement when tragedy strikes her contingent. She will need to dig deep to find the strength to move past the devastating earthquake that has split up her party.


Camryn Brodie has a secret. All she has to do is make it to McNally and she can finally quit hiding the truth from her family and travel companions—and get away from that arrogant, womanizing Naomi.


Isolated from their people, Naomi and Camryn are forced to work together to get free from the belly of an unstable mountain. Can they work past their differences to survive against nature and the feral Merrick clan?


This second book in the Karst Series picks up the Peace Movement where Kai’s Heart left off. Everyone is still struggling to find the balance between reconciliation and guarding. Control must remain in the hands of those working diligently for peace in the war and disease ravaged New America.


Read Chapter 1 here.

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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2018
First Edition

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