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Erin O'Reilly

( 3rd Edition )

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Emma Sanders survives in a dark world of fear and shadows created by her mother. Circumstances thrown into her life's path keep her isolated, alone, and far removed from the trappings of modern society. She does what she has to do to endure life in spite of her perceived inadequacies and worthlessness.

When a shadowy figure emerges from the muddy depths of water near her boat dock, light begins to creep into Emma's lonely existence. Cay O'Neill's path twists and turns, bringing her to Jones' Lake and Emma Sanders. Slowly, Emma allows Cay into her life, rejoicing in the new found emotion of friendship and other feelings that she can't quite explain. But a common enemy threatens the fledgling relationship. Can they form a strong bond in a fight to stay alive? Will the light of a once-inconceivable world shine on her or will Emma find betrayal?


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  • New 181 pp.


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Condition: New eBook
First Published: 2004

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