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Carved in Stone
Jen Silver
Starling Hill Trilogy

Join the characters from Starting Over and Arc Over Time in this final book from the Starling Hill trilogy.


Ellie Winters thinks she might be going mad. How else can she explain the conversations she is having with someone who has been dead for two thousand years? The ancient queen wants a proper burial for herself and her consort—and she is used to getting her way. Ellie has to convince not just her wife, but also the archaeologist, a former lover who first discovered the bones on Ellie’s farm.


The loves and lives of the women connected with Ellie and the farm swirl through this journey of discovery, moving from the confines of the British Museum in London to the windswept landscapes of northern Britain.


Carved in Stone has romance, adventure, a treasure hunt, and happy endings for all, living and dead.

Click here to read Chapter 1.

  • New  59,739 words in., 180 pp.


Published: 2016
First Edition

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