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Del Robertson
Del Robertson
 Del Robertson: Del Robertson: To those who know her best, Del is an unapologetic jokester. Her wicked sense of humor can be found throughout her numerous award-winning stories on the net. As a military brat, Del has lived all over the world and has been exposed to many different people and cultures. It is from these past travels that she draws the characters that populate her stories. Del currently resides in Texas.

Del Robertson


Something in Fairhaven stinks. Other than the mutton stew, that is.

Gwen thought life after being a virgin sacrifice would be a bed of roses.

Bodhi was just looking for a wench to bed.

Neither less-than-dashing hero nor not-quite-so-pure maiden imagined they would meet again, much less be trapped together in a city the likes of the ill-named Fairhaven. There’s a killer on the loose. Fairhaven’s on lockdown, its citizens fearful for their lives. The local guards are corrupt. And, Bodhi’s been accused of murder…

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  • New  57,418 words in., 189 pp.


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Condition: New eBook
Published: 2014
First Edition

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