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My Everything Alane Hotchkin

What happens when fate finally catches you and spirals your life out of control? In The Beginning of the End, Alex was learning the hard way just what that meant. She chose to lie to the one she loved most in life and now there was a price to be paid. It started with losing her parents in a car accident. Where would it end?


Into the chaos of Nikki’s life would walk three women – all deadly in their own way, yet one amazing beyond words. Who is who though? Will one of them help Nikki find self-worth? Who will protect her from the beast that lies in wait?


What would happen when a woman finally finds the self-confidence and courage to realize she deserves better. From within Nikki explodes all that and more when a spark is lit inside her soul.


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  • New  67,793 words in., 265 pp.

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Published: 2014
First Edition

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