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Affinity’s 10th Anniversary Christmas Anthology-Introduction


The authors at Affinity are very generous people, who gave up their time, creative talent, and royalties to provide the stories within this anthology.  As one of the owners of Affinity, this year was extra special to us as it is our tenth anniversary in business. We asked for participation from our authors for a charity anthology to celebrate the event. As you see from the list they responded enthusiastically, and we were very touched.

When 2020 took a bizarre turn globally with the Covid-19 epidemic, all our lives in every country of the world were filled with uncertainty and remain that way as I write this. Many lives have been lost, people are fearful for their health, and what the future might bring post Covid-19.

Affinity authors didn’t hesitate to deliver the goodies under this extreme situation. As a company we cannot be prouder of them.

Being an avid fan of Christmas, it is my pleasure to bring this anthology to you, the readers. In these difficult times sit back and enjoy stories crafted especially for you, filled with love, and hope.

Be well, keep safe, and never give up hope. Merry Christmas from everyone associated with Affinity.

JM Dragon

Included in this anthology are the following stories accompanied by some of our authors favorite recipes.

Carly’s Christmas Wish by Samantha Hicks

Christmas at Cast Iron Farm by Ali Spooner

Donner Junior Saves the Day by Annette Mori

Winterbourne Revisited by Jen Silver

The Cat that came for Christmas by Del Robertson

Saucy Santa by Ali spooner and Annette Mori

Gift of the Christmas Tree Lot by Natalie London

Oh Charley by JM Dragon

This book is for charitable purposes only.

There was a raffle draw as to which author nominated the charity recipient. Del Robertson won and chose Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue - a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Antonio, Texas - founded in January 2013. They take in stray special needs cats and kittens that may otherwise be abandoned or euthanized.

In Memory of Grace.



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