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The Trophy Wives Club-Chapter 1

Chapter One



Marley Jacobs had finished the back portion of Mrs. Melinda “Lindy” Freemont’s massage and was ready to finish up. “If you’ll turn over, I’ll finish your massage.”


Marley waited until Lindy turned and filled her hands with the warmed oil. She allowed Lindy to get settled and began massaging the muscles across Lindy’s chest.


“How long have you been giving me massages now?”


“I would guess a little over a year now, twice a week,” Marley responded as she caressed the tense muscles with strong hands.


Lindy kept her eyes closed as she continued her questioning. “I would suspect that you actually get very little of what the center charges for the massages too.”


“They call it overhead,” Marley chuckled. “I’ve looked into opening my own spot, but the overhead really is a killer and I don’t have the upfront money for that kind of investment.”


Marley watched as Lindy’s mouth turned up in a smile, listening to her response. “How much do they pay you here?”


Marley cocked her head at Mrs. Freemont. She usually wasn’t this full of chatter. “That’s kind of personal, but I gross thirty thousand.”


“I’m sorry to be prying, but I do have a reasonable cause for it.”


Marley chuckled softly. “That would be what, Mrs. Freemont?”


“A business opportunity, Marley, but not one that can be discussed here. Would you consider having dinner with me tonight to discuss the proposal?”


Mrs. Freemont had stirred her curiosity, but she also did not want to get her hopes up only to have it crushed. What the hell, all I have to lose is a bit more of my pride and this place was eating it up on a regular basis. “Sure, why not, never hurts to listen. I will be off at five.”


“Do you know where Victor’s is?”


“Yes, I do.” Victor’s was an extremely expensive steakhouse on the fringe of Northwest Atlanta. She knew where it was, but the menu was way out of her price range.


“Will you meet me there at six-thirty?”


“I can do that,” Marley replied as her hands stroked down the front of, Lindy’s body.


Lindy was a forty something wife of the Honorable Judge, Jay W. “Dubyah” Freemont, who was at least twenty years her senior.  Jay Dub, as he was most commonly referred to, was a Federal Judge who according to his wife, was spending more time at his Washington post than he was his Atlanta home.


Marley concentrated on her movements, but could not overlook the rock-hard nipples on the perfectly shaped breasts her hands had just caressed on their way down Lindy’s body. This wasn’t an uncommon response for most of her clientele, but was a first for Lindy. She shook the image from in front of her mind and was thankful Lindy’s eyes were closed so she didn’t see the flush on her cheeks.


“If I haven’t told you lately young woman, you have the most marvelous hands,” Lindy softly whispered adding to the coloring of, Marley’s cheeks.


“Thank you, Mrs. Freemont,” she managed to say after pushing the lump in her throat away.


“I have had many massages over the years, and none left me feeling the way yours do.”


“Careful now or you will give me a big head,” Marley chuckled, as her hands worked down Lindy’s right thigh.


“I am being very sincere.” Lindy propped up on her elbows and looked at, Marley. Her blue eyes were sparkling.


“Thanks, but you need to lay back now so I can finish.”


Lindy smiled and complied with her request, much to Marley’s relief. Her blue eyes remained locked on Marley as she concentrated on her task and she could feel her eyes giving her a close inspection. She tried her best to ignore the soft moans coming from Lindy as she deeply massaged her legs and finished up with her feet. When done, she covered Lindy’s body with a cool sheet.


“All good for today. Take your time getting dressed and I will see you at six thirty Mrs. Freemont.” Marley smiled at her then left the room to allow her customer to get dressed.


Marley closed the door softly behind her and walked to the small office break room to wash her hands and take a long drink of cool water. She carried a fresh bottle of water to her cubical and was making case notes when Lindy walked by. She looked up from her notes to a smile and wave as she passed. She returned the smile and turned back to her appointment book. Only one more appointment for today and then she would go home to shower before meeting with Lindy. She did a mental review of her closet in search of something decent to wear to her meeting as she waited for her next client.


After her last client, Marley washed up and closed down her laptop before walking out to her car for the short ride home. It was Friday night, and the rush hour traffic was brutal as usual, but Marley had found a short cut and quickly exited the interstate. Her thoughts were preoccupied, pondering Lindy’s proposal and she nearly missed the turn into her apartment.


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