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The Promise Review

The Promise by JM Dragon Review

Affinity  Irish Dragon Designs

~Ameliah Faith 10/31/16~



A sweet tale


Kris saves Melissa's life so she takes Kris for a coffee.  Much to Melissa's delight,  Kris mentions that she is in need of a job.  Melissa wastes no time in hiring Kim to do some restoration work on her cabin along with her granddaughter Claire.  What happens next is for you to discover. 


I very much enjoyed this precious tale.  This story is a well written and very descriptive classic romance!  There is just about all you could hope for, there are happy times and  sad (and sexy times too), jealously and passion, some mystery and clarity and of course lots of family drama a well as a love to overcome all doubts and fears.  I absolutely loved the tender and gentle way Claire and Kris' feelings for each other grew over time and how Claire learned to put aside her bitchy ways to become a more caring and decent woman.  Dreamy sighs....... Like many of Ms Dragon's other books this one is a grand read time and time again.


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