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Dannie Marsden's book Desert Heat

I am waiting for the next book to come out! The story was a page turner and I also enjoyed the portrayal of a variety of lesbians and how we interact...

Desert Heat

I know Dannie and was excited to hear she had written a book. When I first started to read Desert Heat, I did so with a critical eye because it was...

Desert Heat

Our book club had the opportunity and privilege to meet and have a lively discussion of "Desert Heat" with Dannie Marsden...a great story with strong...

Great People!

Just wanted to share with you that the owners of this site are awesome! Sign up for the newsletters and be sure to refer your friends and the...


Wow! Such a good story.I enjoyed it so much.I think what got me the most was that I don`t think most people would give a second thought to what kind...


Affinity's August Newsletter


Haere mai!
Welcome to Affinity Rainbow Publications
August 2017 Newsletter
Kia Ora readers


Koru here, 
     Brrr very cold here in this part of the world. As I write this, it is minus 5 degrees centigrade (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Not looking forward to letting the chickens out this morning, everything will be frozen. There are three hens who refuse to go into the houses during the night and believe me their tail feathers will be frozen solid...silly chickens. I’m happy to say I have a prime spot next to the fire during the evening and now a lovely heat is radiating in the background.

     This month’s premium release is by talented storyteller Ali Spooner with her blockbuster romance The Bee Charmer. A novel that will warm you up all over, be warned, you will be in for a long session because this book is huge and you won’t want to put it down. 

     We are also releasing We’re not in Kansas Anymore by Annette Mori on Kindle unlimited. This short story is the prequel to Annette's hit book, The Review.
     Right let’s move on with the details of the month… 

As always, any comments or feedback, please send it my way


New for August


Available from Kindle Unlimited

We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Annette Mori

Back of the Book

     In Annette Mori's book, The Review, Silver Lining, a lesbian romance writer, sponsors a contest for the first reader who posts a review of her newest book. In this prequel, you will get a bit of a backstory on how it all began.

Available August 1st. on Kindle Unlimited  

Pages: 28 eBook
 Word count: 6641
Price: US .99¢ eBook

Other books by Annette Mori are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks



The Bee Charmer
Ali Spooner

Back of the Book

     After the death of her father, Nat St. Croix needs to decide on which direction her life should take. Does she continue her life alone, as a trapper and trader, or does she start over and try to fit into a town surrounded by strangers?

     When she arrives in Seattle to trade her furs, a young widow, Marissa, catches Nat’s attention. Can Marissa be the chance of having the best of both worlds? Will the call of the wild and all that is familiar or, will the call of love capture Nat’s heart?

      Available August 14th. 
Pages: 337 eBook 
Pages: 361 Print
 Word count: 136,142
Price: US $8.99 eBook
Price: US $18.99 Print Book

Other books by Ali Spooner are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks


Books on Kindle Unlimited
JM Dragon
Back of the book
When your world turns upside down and all your safe secure yearnings are thrown to the wind what happens? What would you do if options you never dream of unexpectedly appear wanting to be part of your life?
University lecturer Kirsten Van De Pelt shortly due to retire early from her academic life is about to find the answers to those questions when Corley Anders, a TV star, enters her life.
The question is, will Kirsten take an opportunity of a lifetime or simply settle for the safety net that has been her life.



Specter of Fear
Erin O'Reilly

Back of the Book

Anne and Bailey are in love and planning a future together. Only the letters that Anne keeps getting are filling her with fear and doubt. Could the love they share really be a sham? Or is there something more behind the letters?
Is the sender of the letters after Anne, Bailey or both women? Find out in this suspenseful tale…or is it a real story?


Ali Spooner

Back of the Book

Kade, a seasoned battlefield soldier has had enough, refusing to fight for greed. Now on a quest to return to her homeland she meets Iza.


Iza, a slave from the army defeated by Kade, begs the warrior to take her on as a servant.

Kade, sympathetic to the slave’s request, allows her to travel as a companion and a friendship begins to form. 

Purchase here.


Our books in review...


Lynn Lawler reviews and author chats. Back in the Saddle and Pausing


The Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O'Reilly

Running From Love by Jen Silver

Faith in Rayne by Dannie Marsden

Back in the Saddle by Ali Spooner

Captivated by Annette Mori

Pausing by Renee MacKenzie

The Termination by Annette Mori

Open Your Heart by Ali Spooner

Secret of Stone Creek by Natalie London

Next Time by Erin O'Reilly

The Promise by JM Dragon

Christmas at Winterbourne by Jen Silver

Catch to Release by Lacey Schmidt

The Review by Annette Mori

South of Heaven by Ali Spooner



  Author Exposure - Character Interviews

  This month's interviews/features:

Authors out and about, GCLS 2017


On August 17th Ali Spooner will be going a guest blog on I Heart Lesfic. Along with her blog, she is also giving away a book of choice.Make sure you check it out.

Affinity authors at the GCLS in Chicago, 2017
From left...Angela Koenig, Renee MacKenzie, Annette Mori, Ali Spooner, Jen Silver.


The Affinity authors with what I am sure is a cropped in image of a bottle of Fireball...


Alice and Annette

Annette and Jen


Annette and Dian Siera

From left...Jen, Ali, Rosie, Annette, and Renee


Annette and Beth Burnett. Annette, Karissa, Renee and Jen.


Renee and Sue Rossmann

Annette and Jen.  Ali, Annette, Lorraine Fisher, Renee and Jen.


Do you have a book club?

     If you have a book club event that might interest the Affinity authors in your area send us a message and let us know what’s going on. Our authors love interaction with our readers.

   Don’t forget we have UK and NZ authors too, so it isn’t just the US we are interested in hearing from. 

   Affinity authors in your area would love to hear from you and arrange a personal discussion of their books. Contact:

     Don't forget to check Affinity's Facebook page, where the talented Dragon posts all the videos of the new releases, and the pages of all your favorite Affinity authors for updates.

     Keep up with what some of your favorite Affinity authors are doing and thinking by following their blogs.
     Lacey Schmidt's words of wisdom can be found here: Lacey Schmidt's Blog

     I'm not sure why a woman as talented as Renee would want to play with snakes, but it's true! Check out her blog Live. Love. Write. to find out more.

     Follow Jen Silver from across the pond here: Silver Musings, I'm sure you'll find the author and the person very interesting. 

     And keep up, if you can, with the amusing ramblings of Annette Mori here: Annette mori



     We are happy to announce for September release, S. Anne’s Gardner’s new novel For the Love of a Woman. S. Anne hasn’t had a novel out for some time, to whet your appetite during September prior to the books release, we will be showcasing her previous books on the website for a short period at special prices.

     We will also have for release on Kindle unlimited Dress Blues by Dannie Marsden.

E noho r?–Goodbye,

Coming Soon From Affinity

Dress Blues
by Dannie Marsden

For The Love Of A Woman
by S. Anne Gardner

Available on Kindle Unlimited

by Ali Spooner

Specter of Fear
by Erin O'Reilly

JM Dragon


We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Annette Mori

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