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The Review Review

The Review by Annette Mori Review


Affinity Ebook Press NZ LTD; 1 edition (September 30, 2016)


~Ameliah Faith 10/1/2016~


Diabolical Suspense


Jasmine is Silver's beta reader and online friend. She helped Silver cope after losing her wife.  Now they are spending a weekend together after Jasmine won a contest Silver ran.  Jasmine's on again off again girlfriend isn't too happy that she is avoiding her calls and wants to do something to get Jasmine back... Did I mention the creepy stalker or was there two....anyway they aren't happy about Jasmine and Silver's budding relationship either.  Trust me, you want to know what happens next.


This is a wonderfully written suspenseful novel by a very talented author.  I liked the beautifully developing relationship between Silver and Jasmine.  Silver's pain and insecurities are so realistic... I felt myself feeling so sorry for her. I loved how tender and gentle they both were when they slowly advanced their friendship into something more.


The twists are brilliant.  I thought it was too easy to figure out who the demented soul was who was determined to cause trouble but it turned out so differently, well played Ms Mori!!


The character of Pretty Preston was positively perfect!  He added the much needed comic relief.  I've only read a few things by this author, a problem I am correcting and I have to say this is my favourite thus far.


Back of Book...

Silver Lining, a successful lesbian romance writer, is just starting to come out of the dark tunnel after her wife’s untimely death. She has a crazy idea to sponsor a contest where the first reader who posts a review wins a home cooked meal.


She’s hoping Jasmine, the only one who read the story before publication, will be the winner.


Her private messages with Jasmine have increased in their subtle flirtations. As the attraction between Silver and Jasmine heats up, so do the bizarre messages from an unknown fan.


Silver has more than an unwelcome stalker to overcome. She struggles with the guilt over her attraction to Jasmine and the lingering memories of her wife.


Who will come out the winner, the past, the present, or the unknown stalker?


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