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Caution Under Construction Review

Caution: Under Construction by TJ Vertigo Review

Cover by Val Hayken

Affinity E-Book Press NZ LTD (December 13, 2012)

~Ameliah Faith 5/16/16~


Sherdan Landers is a happy go lucky construction worker who loves to party with a different girl every night...


Keefer Gibson is a quiet OSHA inspector who prefers to hang out with her dog than spend time at the club with her girlfriend.  But now there is this construction worker she can't get out of her head.  At least it goes both ways. 


This is the first book of Ms. Vertigo's I have read.  I can say with a high level of confidence that she REALLY likes to write sex scenes!!  There are a lot of them in this very long book, more of them than than actual story. Thankfully she is very good at writing those scenes.  The tale itself is a good one that I rather enjoyed.  If you like a little story with your sex, this is just the book for you!


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