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South of Heaven Review

South of Heaven by Ali Spooner Review

Affinity cover by Irish Dragon Designs


Just as Good as Gravy & Rice, almost


Kendra and Lindsey are both shrimp boat captains working together for the summer.  Lots of changes are in store for Kendra and her crew as they search for red shrimp.  Will Kendra land love too?  Only time will tell.


I just love an Ali Spooner romance.  She has a magic way with words.  No matter what is going on in my life, just a few minutes into her books and I am transported into a world of her making. SOH is a delicious blend of adventure and romance with a dollop of drama mixed with a touch of spicy sexy bits and some down home, heart warming mush. 


Ms Spooner gives great details about the boat, the Gulf and life on the water as a shrimper.  I swear I could almost feel the heat of the sun, smell the sea and hear the call of the gulls as they searched for handouts.   I could almost imagine being part of the story.


I like how the author makes the characters come to life.  They become part of your life as you watch them in action.  Kendra and Lindsey are super easy to love, they are dynamic and personable. I liked how they took their time getting to know each other before falling into before even admitting they have feelings for each other.  The secondary characters were also believable.  It was fun to see how the crew interacted with each other, like a family.  The father's of Kendra and Lindsey were also very well written.  I can totally understand watching a parent slow down and retire, the aches and pains and the freedom to do what ever they want to do.  Ms Spooner could have been describing my own father just as easily as a fictional one which just makes me love them all the more.


This was a fun story and I recommend it highly.


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