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Love Forever, Live Forever Review

Love Forever, Live Forever by Annette Mori Review

Cover by Irish Dragon Designs

Affinity eBook Press NZ LTD; 1 edition (March 31, 2015)


Ms. Mori writes brilliant stories, no question about that!  LFLF is the story of women, human, vampire and wolf shifter.  It is primarily Nicky's saga, from her college years to the present day.  The women, lovers and friends, who have been her greatest influences and are partially responsible for making her the adorable mess that she is are extraordinary secondary characters.


Although this is a light hearted drama there are some very serious moments, with difficult topics and emotions Nicky and the others go through (none of them go into great detail).  I should also say that the sex scenes are so yummy with lots of leading up to the main events.  Oh so good!!


This is one of those wonderful feel good books that make you sigh “awww” and even though the ending is perfect, it’s sad to see it come to the end.  It is such a great book and so easy to read.  The story flows beautifully and it is so well written that you will quickly lose yourself to it and before you know it the afternoon is gone.


I loved the romances in the book, yes plural as there are not one but three stories, each one different and each one perfect.  While eventually you will get to the happily ever after there are a lot of emotions and mix ups along the way, which of course is one of the reasons these are wonderful. 


This is a great debut novel and one not to miss!


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