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The Circle Dance Review

The Circle Dance by Jen Silver Review

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~Ameliah Faith 8/6/16~


You'll Like It

Jamie has had quite the Year.  She lost her job and her girlfriend Sasha abandoned her for another woman taking everything including the cat.  She is finally getting her life back on track.  She's got a place to live, a job she likes and her best friend has set her up with a delightful woman.  Things are definitely looking up... Until Sasha turns up wanting to rekindle things.  Jamie has a lot to think about but at least she got her cat back.


I truly enjoyed this book and read it cover to cover in a day.  The book is technically sound and has a great flow and is wonderfully written.  While the book is about Jamie, there is a secondary story line involving Sasha and Phoebe, the other woman, and a third revolving around Jamie's best friend Maddie, her wife Laurel and their kids.  All of these stories are intertwined throughout the chapters.  


Jamie goes through an awful lot in this story.  I like how she finally gets a grip and moves on with her life after licking her wounds for months. She starts to rebuild bigger and better.  When Sasha reappears she doesn't lose the her inner strength and fire.  Even with all the changes going on around her she makes time for Maddie's daughter cope with her teen age angst.  Jamie and Van are about perfect.  Totally lovable. Both have doubts and fears that are so realistic and are easy to relate to. I loved that Jamie is older and Van doesn't have a “perfect” body.  I could go on and on but I have a date with another of Ms Silver's books.


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