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Venus Rising Review


Venus Rising by Ali Spooner Review

Affinity Cover by Irish Dragon Designs

~Ameliah Faith 8/5/16~


Levi is fresh out of school and looking for a little fun before heading off to make her fortune on Wall Street.  She gets hired on as a bartender at the lesbian resort Venus Rising.  With her hot looks, dazzling charm and her signature drink she is a hit with the clientele and her friendly, sweet nature makes her a hit with the staff.   Levi falls hard for the wrong woman and it breaks her heart.  When the right woman comes along will she be willing to risk it or has she been burned too badly?


I really liked this book a great deal.  There were some things I questioned, like when did Levi move all her things to the island and how quickly she fell in love but as Mama always says “If you can't be a true believer don't watch the show” or read the book in this case.  If you're looking for deep and meaningful this is not the book for you.  This is a sweet tale of a young woman's adventures in paradise.  It is a classic romance with lots and lots of steamy spice! The writing is solid and the flow is good with no wishing it would go faster or slow down.  Its just right. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, primary and secondary they all relate to each other like family and I found it heartwarming.  Levi will quickly endear herself to you and you will be rooting for her the whole way.  Simone and Vanessa are both love interests and many people wont understand how a person can love two people at the same time but I've dealt with this struggle and really adored a character I could relate to, at least in that manner.  (I'll never be a hot and hip bartender but Im ok with that lol)


Anyway, I just really liked the book and for those of you who like sequels will be pleased to know there is a second in the series called Neptune's Ring that is available now.  Another thing to love about the book is that there are so many characters to love that should she desire, there are at least four spin off books I can come up with and I REALLY hope Ms Spooner thinks so too!


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