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Ladysmith Review

Ladysmith, a Review by Ameliah Faith


This book has been revised and had chapters added to it.  While I was a fan of the first one, this one blew me away. 


It is a mystery to me how KL and Roxy Rhavensfyre as so quickly able to draw me into their stories.  In no time at all the world fades away and I am immersed into a world of their making. 


Rohanna held me captive as I watched her suffer as a child, my heart bleeding, so frightened for her safety and her sanity.  I was with her as she grew into a beautiful, competent woman, setting about claiming her birthright both known and unknown.  Facing a prophecy she knew nothing of, destined to fulfill long before birth.


With rapt fascination I spied on her first meeting with Alex. I truly felt the awareness of each other build and grow, some questions answered as new ones formed. 


My eyes and soul devoured this book, I could not read fast enough.  I would stop and slow myself down but before I realized it I was racing again. As I surrendered to their Fate, I found myself begging and pleading for more, to go faster.  My need growing as quickly as the passion these two Otherworldly women shared.


As things turned bleak my heart beat faster still, dreading what lay ahead but unable to tear myself away.  I moved from chair to chair then pacing the patio, not hearing my dog's whines for a game of tug-o-war.  I was so caught up in the plight of these two brave souls. 


My heart soared with joy as Alex broke the spell that bound Ro's mind , freeing her, yet binding them together leaving them as one to overcome Evil personified. 


While I could not wait to finish this story, I was saddened to see it come to an end.  Nothing in the world had changed in my absence yet I had just been on a wondrous journey.  I feel like something Earth shaking has occurred for me. 


I have come to expect no less from Rhavensfyre.


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